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DetoxBox Infrared Sauna

45 minutes sweating therapy on your own or take a friend in too for the same price!

You have the room for 60 minutes which gives you time to get changed and over 30-45 minutes actually in the Detox Box. Please book through Suzanne 465115 we need about an hours notice to ensure the sauna is heated up in advance.

Please bring your own towels and water to drink. The room is private so you may wear just a towel or bring swimwear. There is a CD player in the sauna and some people like to read a book or magazine to help them relax. Missed appointments will be charged for unless we receive at least 3 hours notice.

£10.00 for 1 session (seats 2) or £40.00 for 5 sessions

The Benefits of Detox Box

Infrared Sauna

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