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Whole Body Vibration Training...

Here are some of the benefits....

Arrow Increase maximum Strength

Arrow Burn Fat

Arrow Combat Cellulite

Arrow Increase Explosive Strength

Arrow More Energy

Arrow Hormone Balance

Arrow Increase Stamina

Arrow Boost circulation

Arrow Improve Collagen

Arrow Increase Bone density

Arrow Using the VibroGym will elevate your metabolic rate, burning more calories even while resting.

How it works...

Almost 100% of the body's muscles are exercised when using whole body vibration training (instead of 40-60% for conventional training). So in very little time you can complete effective training of your entire body stimulating the whole muscular system at once and not one muscle after the other.

Training on the VibroGym causes the body to produce more capillaries and in doing so makes it more effective in transporting oxygen from the heart to the muscles.

Standing on a Vibrogym you will notice how your body automatically adjusts to the mechanical stimuli responding with a stretch reflex. This increases strength, flexibility and blood circulation. The vibrations have a positive impact on your hormone balance which can reduce stress, you'll feel fitter and more alert.


Getting Started…

Suzanne Young is a fully qualified VibroTrainer and Personal Trainer (level 3) offering one to one Whole Body Vibration Training from The Gym - Yoga and Pilates Studios in Ramsey.  Please contact Suzanne 465115 or 812100  and arrange your first introductory session where you can try the Vibrogym and be talked through the Beginners Program 

Whole Body Vibration Training with Suzanne...

Please book your sessions in advance with Suzanne 465115/812100. Sessions are booked in half hour slots allowing time for you to complete a whole body vibration training program

Introductory Session £20.00

3 Vibrotrainer Sessions £50.00

5 Vibrotrainer sessions £75.00

NB/ Unfortunately if you have a pacemaker, any tumours, cancers or are pregnant you are NOT permitted to use the Vibrogym. The Vibro Trainer will discuss other contra-indications with you at your first session - if in any doubt (as with undertaking any new exercise routine) you should seek advice from your medical practitioner first.

Missed appointments will be charged for unless we receive at least 3 hours notice.