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Le Barre

Le Barre

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Le Barre



Friday 12:00 - 12:45 £7


A 45 minute fitness class using a Lebert Equaliser Bar. Designed with Balance, Agility, Resistance, Repertoire and Elegance in mind, Suzanne’s Le Barre class is a fun way to get fit and sculpt your body.


The class is divided into sections:

1. Footwork - Ballet style exercises to stretch and strengthen the feet, ankles and lower legs

2. Balance and Agility - The bar is there to rest a hand on as we get the heat up doing Plie, Arabesque etc.

3. Fitness, Cardio and Resistance - The bar is integrated into our routine. Doing deep lunges with a hand on the bar allows your knee to nearly touch the floor, pull ups, sit ups, press ups - are all enhanced using the bar

4. Repertoire - Now on the core strength section we use the bar for Pilates and Yoga

5. Finishing with stretching - the bar is so versatile and functional it helps you stretch more effectively


Classes are Friday lunchtimes. BOOK HERE or contact Suzanne for more details on 465115.