Pilates, Yogalates and Infrared Sauna 465115

Suzanne @ The Pilates, Yoga and Dance Studios Ramsey

Manxie Suzanne Young has taught Pilates Matwork since 2004 (Qualified to teach to Advanced level 3).  Suzanne is also a qualified Personal Trainer and Therapist and trained in Bali to teach Vinyasa Yoga in 2012.

Now offering 8 Pilates mat work classes a week in Ramsey with monthly beginner Pilates matwork workshops (to help integrate new people into the classes).  Suzanne also has a limited number of private clients for one-to-one Pilates sessions using Pilates Studio apparatus.

Suzanne runs a Yogalates class 3 times a week combining Vinyasa Yoga and classical Pilates - this class is only for experienced clients as it is fast paced and knowledge of the postures and techniques are required.

Also available at the studios are a FAR Infrared Sauna and the original VIBROGYM whole body vibration training - please check out the pages or contact Suzanne 465115.

Please contact Suzanne 465115 pilates@manx.net for any further infomation...


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